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Sea Lice Management

Marine Harvest Canada: Sea Lice Management

July 2008: Sea lice are parasites that naturally occur in the ocean and live on wild salmon and other wild fish. Sea lice may be passed from wild salmon to farmed salmon. This video details Marine Harvest Canada's successful sea lice management on fish farms in British Columbia. (3:40)

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Marine Harvest Canada Interviews

Marine Harvest Canada: Ian Roberts on Global TV

May 2008: Ian Roberts was a guest on Global TV in May 2008 to discuss Eat! Vancouver, an annual three day food show that takes place in Vancouver, BC. The BC Salmon Farmers Association has participated in each of the 7 years of this event. Ian talks about Marine Harvest Canada's involvement in the event.
Footage courtesy of Global (BC) Television. (3:38)

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Marine Harvest Canada Careers

A Growing Career

September 2008: Informational video that highlights the aquaculture career opportunities at Marine Harvest Canada.
Also discusses the farming process of fresh water fish hatcheries, salt water fish farms, fresh salmon processing and other marine support and administration positions. (7:14)

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Marine Harvest & Klemtu

Fish Farmers vs. Kitasoo Kings

Look out Harlem Globetrotters! Each year, the staff at Marine Harvest take on the Kitasoo Kings basketball team in Klemtu, British Columbia, Canada. Yes, the staff always lose (by a lot!), but they also raise a lot of money during the game to help the Kings travel to Prince Rupert to play in the All Native Tournament. So, I guess you could say it's a win/lose/win! (4:41)

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Marine Harvest & Klemtu: Ten Years

Marine Harvest Canada and Kitasoo Seafoods recently celebrated ten years of partnership in Klemtu, British Columbia, Canada. This remote coastal village farms and processes over 10 million pounds of fresh salmon each year. (2:31)

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Marine Harvest in Norway

Norwegian Aquaculture: A Canadian Tour

Highlights a Canadian First Nations Chiefs and delegates tour of aquaculture facilities in Stavanger, Norway. (8:37)

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Marine Harvest & Jean-Michel Cousteau

Jean-Michel Cousteau: Salmon Farm Visit

Scuba diver Jean-Michel Cousteau and his team of underwater adventurers visit a salmon farm to learn about salmon culture. (2:20)

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Marine Harvest Farm Tour

The Fastest Salmon Farm Tour...Ever!

How do we raise one of the world's heathiest foods? This quick tour takes you on a trip to salmon hatcheries, salmon farms and processing plant to see how we raise sustainable salmon. If you haven't had the opportunity to visit a salmon farm in beautiful British Columbia, here's your chance! (2:20)

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Marine Harvest Commute

Feeding Frenzy: Dolphins Attacking Herring

On our daily commute to the salmon farm, we came across a huge school of Pacific herring. Bald eagles and Pacific white sided dolphins were happily feeding. Thank goodness we just happened to have an underwater camera with us! Thanks to Aquametrix Research for allowing us to use this underwater footage. (1:26)

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Marine Harvest ASA

Excellence In Seafood: Marine Harvest

Marine Harvest, the largest aquaculture company, producing over 30% of farm-raised salmon and trout globally. (2:30)

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Marine Harvest Training

Marine Harvest : Safety Training (How to Safely Exit a Sinking Plane)

Egress training is provided to Marine Harvest Canada staff who regularly fly in float planes to commute to work. (2:02)

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Marine Harvest Egg to Plate

Farm Raised Salmon : From Egg To Your Plate

Marine Harvest Canada showcases how it raises salmon from the initial egg stage to the customer. This informative video takes you through several phases of salmon production; freshwater hatchery, marine salmon farm, harvesting, processing, packaging and delivery. (6:36)

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Quinsam River Pinks 2009

"Best Fishing Ever" : Record Salmon Returns to Campbell River

In 2009, the Campbell River and Quinsam River had record returns of pink salmon. At last count, an estimated 800,000 pink salmon returned, which is the highest return on record for this river system.

Campbell River is simply living up to it's name as "The Salmon Capital Of The World"!

The excellent salmon returns echo other Vancouver Island rivers such as the Nanaimo and Quatse rivers.

The Broughton Archipelago (near Port McNeill) was so over run with pink salmon, that a commercial seine and gill net fishery was opened in the area (Area 12) by late August 2009.

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Colour of Salmon

Salmon Color : How Do Salmon Get Their Color?

Salmon is one of the world's healthiest foods, high in Omega 3 oils and easily recognized by it's beautiful pinkish/red colour. But how do salmon get to be this color? This informative video explains how salmon receive beta-carotenes in their diet which naturally turns salmon flesh pinkish/red. (1:08)

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Maybe it's time to rethink what we think

Wild salmon populations have varied significantly, while BC's salmon farms continue to operate consistently. To us, that indicates there's a lot more to talk about when we're investigating the causes of our wild salmon decline. To those still trying to blame salmon farms, we thought we'd let the facts speak for themselves. When 35 million Sockeye return, maybe it's time to rethink what we think.

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