Marine Harvest Canada


Protecting Wild Salmon

Wild fish species, including pacific salmon, are iconic in British Columbia. Salmon have been a mainstay of First Nations culture and communities for thousands of years. The commercial Pacific salmon industry, an important part of the growth and development of the Province throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, remains important to the wellbeing of coastal communities. The recreational salmon industry is also an important part of the economic base of many Vancouver Island communities. Protecting wild salmon needs to be continued so that wild fish species are prospering for future generations.

Today, some of British Columbia's wild salmon stocks are at risk from over-fishing, changing ocean conditions and land development that threatens their nursery streams and migration rivers. Marine Harvest Canada recognizes that our farmed salmon co-exist with wild fish. We take actions to protect wild fish species through the way we manage our operations, through research and through salmon enhancement.

Marine Harvest Canada Protecting Wild Salmon Projects and Partnerships:

Significant cash donations to wild salmon and trout enhancement:

Significant 'in kind' support to wild salmon and trout enhancement:

  • Taste of BC Fine Foods (Nanaimo) (2010) | Photo
  • Vancouver Island University (Nanaimo) (2010) | Photo
  • Campbell River Fish and Wildlife (Campbell River) (2009) | Photo
  • Homalco Salmon Enhancement (Orford River) (2009) | Photos
  • Nanaimo Fish and Game Club (Nanaimo) (2009) | Photo
  • Quatse River Hatchery (NVISEA) (Port Hardy) (2008) | Photos
  • Marble River Salmonid Enhancement Hatchery (Port Alice) (2008) | Photos
  • Fanny Bay Salmonid Enhancement Society (Courtenay) (2008) | Photos
  • Clearwater Trout Hatchery | Photos
  • Summerland Trout Hatchery | Photos
  • Spius Creek Hatchery (Merrit) (2008) | Photo
  • Conuma Hatchery (Tahsis) (2008) | Photos
  • Cowichan Bay Improvement Society (2008-2009) | Photos
  • Fraser Valley Trout Hatchery (2008) | Photos
  • Gillard Pass Fisheries Association (Sonora Island) (2008) | Photos
  • Howard English Hatchery (2008) | Photos
  • Northern Vancouver Island Salmon Enhancement Association (Quatse River) (2007)
  • Kitasoo Wild Salmon Enhancement (Klemtu) (2007-ongoing) | Photos
  • Campbell River Quinsam Hatchery (2007)
  • Campbell River Salmon Enhancement Society (2007)
  • Campbell River Tyee Club (2007) | Photo
  • Homathko berm construction (2006)
  • Steelhead snorkle surveys (2004-2006)
  • Colonial/Cayeghle River Hatchery (Port McNeill) (1987-ongoing)
  • Kokish River Hatchery (Port McNeill) (1989-ongoing)
  • Marble River Chinook Enhancement (Quatsino) (1995-ongoing)
  • Rivers Inlet brood rearing (1997-2002)
  • Campbell River side channel & estuary restoration (2000)

Watch for protecting wild salmon and wild fish species updates in 2011.