Marine Harvest Canada


Fish Farming

Fish farming in British Columbia is a complex business that must deliver fresh fish to market on an ongoing basis, while at the same time ensuring a safe workplace and a soft environmental footprint with marine life.

As a fully integrated company, Marine Harvest Canada produces our own brood fish for the eggs needed in our hatcheries. The eggs are hatched in the fall and then held in freshwater hatcheries and freshwater lake sites for 12 to 18 months. During the freshwater cycle, the fish transition through the egg, alevin, fry and parr stages. When parr are ready for saltwater they are known as smolts. They are then transferred to marine fish farming sites from November through May. In saltwater the salmon will continue to grow for another 18 to 24 months until they are ready for harvest and processing.

Transferring smolts to aquaculture farms at different sizes and over several months allows us to maintain a consistent harvest level throughout the year.