Marine Harvest Canada


Fish Health

Marine Harvest Canada's Fish Health Department is responsible for ensuring the health and productivity of our fish and treating any fish health issues as they arise. Our in-house veterinarian and four fish health technicians are active in all areas of the operation - from hatchery through processing.

Our approach to fish health issues is both holistic and proactive. Regular, routine health screening, hygiene and bio-security procedures, use of commercially available vaccines and continuous improvement in rearing and management practices ensure our stocks remain healthy.

Antibiotics are only used when required to treat disease. Treated fish are not harvested until past the appropriate antibiotic withdrawal time. The use of antibiotics has been greatly reduced over the past few years through good fish husbandry, vaccination, health screening of brood stock and good management leading to reduced stress. Less than 2% of all feed we provide our farmed fish is medicated, and we continue research into reducing this.