Marine Harvest Canada


What do Salmon Eat?

A natural, well-balanced fish feed (fish meal) is important to ensuring we raise healthy salmon. Our fish feed suppliers produce feed in accordance with Canadian government feed regulations. All ingredients are inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Carotenoid pigment produces the rich red hue in both wild and farmed salmon. Wild salmon receive this pigment through sources such as krill and other crustaceans; farmed salmon receive this same pigment (astaxanthin and canthaxanthin) in their feed.

Marine Harvest Canada feeds its fish a balanced diet containing oils derived from plants such as soybean and fish as well as fish meal and natural fillers. The fish feed conversion ratio-the amount of feed required to produce a similar weight of fish-is approximately one-to-one. The efficient conversion of feed to weight of fish harvested is key component of sustainable fish farming. In addition our fish feed does not contain any added hormones or steroids.

Fish feed contains:

Fish Meal & plant protein 38-50%
Fish Oil & plant oil 20-38%
Fibre & NFE 1-13%
Ash 0%
Moisture 7%
Vitamins, minerals, pigment <1%