Supernaturally Arrow Pass

October 26, 2011

You’re asleep in bed and awake to see a small hand ripping off your bed sheets. The lights turn on, but the generator is off and the power inverter is awaiting repair. A small faceless gnome like figure drifts out of your room and moves toward the bathroom. Lights turn on and off, seemingly affected by the energy of the spirit. Then it’s gone as quickly as it appeared.

Sound like an 80’s thriller movie? Not at all, says Josee Migneault. Josee once worked at Arrow Pass farm site and says she and her coworkers were witness to this event and many other encounters with a “presence” that would “play games” with staff.

George Nichols, site manager at Arrow Pass, says despite the original accommodations burning down a decade ago, these strange happening still occur. The TV turning on and off, knocking on windows and doors, heat being turned up and off and items being moved around.

“My most vivid memory is one night while taking a shower late,” George says. “I was in the manager’s house while the only other employee was asleep in the other house. Half way through the shower I heard a knock on the door, then pounding and it continued to the point where the door was bending inwards. There was something going crazy on the other side of the door – I turned off the shower, jumped out and reefed the door open because I thought it may have been a prank, but there was nothing there. The lights were still off in the other house.”

Trish Nolie works at Arrow Pass and is a certified First Nation CMT (culturally modified trees) and Archaeological Technician. She explains that many years ago the area was once a bustling seasonal village site used by indigenous peoples. According to Trish, cedar bark stripping, berry picking, clam digging and fishing were popular activities in the area. While Trish admits she’s never bear witness to any strange happenings, she doesn’t doubt that past spirits might enjoy going “bump at night”.