Thanks for the quarter century Lex!

October 19, 2012

It’s rare nowadays for anyone to work at the same career and with the same company for a decade, let alone a quarter of a century.

But for the past 25 years, Alexis Gagne has committed every working hour to a career that focused on fish processing and logistics.

Lex was first hired by Dale Blackburn at Sea Farm Canada (eventually becoming Marine Harvest Canada) in January 1987 as a part-time receptionist/secretary/bookkeeper, but “I never did work part-time,” Lex says with a chuckle.

Back in 1987, Dalrymple hatchery was just being built and Soderman Cove farm site was already stocked with salmon. “When Soderman fish were ready for harvest, I followed them to Great Northern Processing in North Vancouver where they were processed,” Lex recalls, “and that was the beginning of my career in processing and logistics.”

As part of the team that developed the “Sterling” salmon brand, Lex is proud of the accomplishments made in producing a brand name that is known for its high standards.  She also saw the start of the filleting program which initially started up at Aquatec Seafoods in Comox. From Great Northern, to Walcan, to Brown’s Bay, to Englewood and now Port Hardy Processing Plant.

“Wow, how things have changed!” Lex reflects.

Lex gathered with friends to celebrate her retirement

Lex recalls many great people who mentored her along the way, including Blackburn and John Lawrie.

“I’ve really enjoyed all the people I’ve met and worked with along the way and the good times that we’ve shared,” Lex says, proudly.  “I think that is what I will miss most of all, the people.”

So what does retirement look like for Lex? Simple, she says. Grandkids, gardening and “doing all those things I never got done while working!”