Love of Salmon leads to gratifying aquaculture career

March 25, 2011

Some people land in a career more by accident or circumstance than through a conscious decision. But for Graeme Bull, Assistant Manager at Sayward North Hatchery and Vaccination Supervisor, joining the aquaculture industry was entirely deliberate.

Born in Terrace and raised in Abbotsford, where his family lived and worked on a farm, Graeme finished high school in 1986 and completed the Fisheries and Aquaculture program at Malaspina College in Nanaimo two years later.

Being surrounded by a variety of animals on the farm meant that raising them was a natural part of my life, he said. This interest, as well as Graeme’s post-secondary education, led him to work in salmonid enhancement in Port Hardy. The non-profit society he worked for had contracts with the province and the federal government to raise steelhead and Pacific salmon. “I’ve always been a strong advocate for the public recreational fishery,” explains Graeme, adding that dwindling resources for salmonid enhancement distressed him.

Graeme made the switch to aquaculture in 2000, when he became manager of Stolt Sea Farm’s Georgie Lake net pen sites north of Port Hardy, which until recently raised smolts.

For Graeme, the best thing about working for Marine Harvest is the company’s commitment to community involvement, especially as it relates to providing support for salmonid enhancement through equipment and feed donations.

Graeme and his wife of 14 years, Kim, who is a biologist, moved to Campbell River in late 2010 with their two daughters after more than 20 years in Port Hardy. Nicky, the former resident cat at Georgie Lake also made the move with the Bull family.