Tromleys Tackle Careers Together

April 23, 2010

Terri & Sherri Tromley

“You know you’re in the right job when you wake up in the morning wanting to go to work,” said Sherri Tromley recently, who along with her twin sister Terri,look forward to regularly hopping in the crew boat for the 45 minute boat ride to Monday Rocks, where both are site technicians.
Born in Oshawa, Ontario, “we grew up with the outdoors,” said Terri. The twins moved to the West Coast with their mom when they were small, settling in the Kingcome Inlet area where they lived for four years, followed by seven years in Campbell River. They eventually moved to Port Hardy for their final two years of high school.
When asked how they got into the industry, there’s laughter. “Babysitting,” they reply. Sherri and Terri babysat for the Moores, who owned Tidal Rush Marine Farms. It was the summer after graduation in 1987 and they so enjoyed their picnics on-site with the Moore kids. When the opportunity came to join the industry, both enthusiastically accepted.
Working together throughout their entire aquaculture career, first at Thorpe Point for 20 years and now at the Quatsino site, has never been a problem for the twins. If there are minor disagreements, they certainly don’t last long.
The sisters, who are mothers to three daughters between them, live across the street from each other with their long-time partners in Coal Harbour, just south of Port Hardy. They enjoy sharing gardening secrets and puttering in their yards as well as drawing and playing volleyball in their backyard.
Having a twin is like “having a best friend all the time,” said Terri, and Sherri agreed.

By Gina Forsyth