Hands-on people person soon knew he was a “lifer”

October 12, 2011

When Gerry Burry, site manager at Port Elizabeth, was growing up on the east coast of Newfoundland, in Greenspond, his parents stressed the link between education and a successful future. Gerry was wise and listened.

After earning his Bachelor of Science from Memorial University in his home province in 1997, Gerry added an Advanced Diploma in Aquaculture from the Marine Institute the following year.

“I had friends in the program who spoke highly of it and said there was lots of work available in BC,” explained Gerry. He moved to Campbell River in April 1998 and was hired immediately for site work by what was then Heritage Aquaculture. “Six months in, I knew I’d found the industry for me,” he said.

Gerry made the move to Stolt Sea Farm in July 2003, the same day he bought his house. He managed Swanson Island until 2007, when he transferred into the Fish Health department, where he appreciated the myriad of learning opportunities. Earlier this year, Gerry returned to the farm and the daily hands-on work he’d missed. “I like having a product to take to  market at the end of the process,” he said.

Gerry has been fortunate enough to meet Howie Meeker through his volunteer work with the Special Olympics and when his dad was visiting from Newfoundland, to introduce him to the hockey legend.

Gerry is a social guy who enjoys golf, baseball, and hockey. He also enjoys the relaxation that comes from working around his home and garden. 

By Gina Forsyth