Close call near Doctor Islet

June 24, 2011

At about 9:30am on May 5, 11, we had a distress call come across the radio on channel 16a (Coast Guard Channel). I was listening to the radio and quickly realized that the vessel in  distress was close by. John Macarenko and I decided that we better make tracks and respond to the vessel in distress. I made the radio call to Comox Coast Guard and let them know of our location and that we were on our way to the location announced over the radio of the vessel in distress. We found the boat between Humphrey Rock and Doctor Islet in a little bay very close to shore. The prawn boat Lasqueti Knight had lost her power and was anchored up but was very close to the shore and with the tide going out would have been on the rocks in no time. Mike Buttle must have been listening in on the radio as well, he had shown up on location shortly behind us. We made the decision that his boat would be a much better boat for towing rather then the Sterling II. Mike towed the Lasqueti Knight over to Doctor Islet where we introduced ourselves to the very thankful Skipper and his crew. Mike had made arrangements to have a mechanic brought out and soon after the prawn boat Lasqueti Knight was back on her way to sea. All in all it was a good day and we made some new friends. Submitted by Anker Bach, Site Manager, Humphrey Rock